To Whom it May Concern in the Publishing World…

To Whom It May Concern in the Publishing World:

I’ve recently realized a solution to a problem I’ve been distraught over ever since the introduction of e-books. I’d like to share with you this realization in hopes we can change the make-up of libraries for years to come.

A few years ago the filming industry stumbled onto a new market: digital formats of movies. Purchasing options vary but generally rely on the same structure: DVD with a base price, for this example, $14.99; DVD & Blu-Ray Option: $19.99; DVD& Blu-Ray & Digital Code: $24.99; Digital version only $14.99.

I’m sure you are aware of this new market.

This appeals to the older generations that utilize the technology they have always had; the generations that have upgraded within the last few years to “better video quality” (read Blu-Ray  & Hi-Def), and the newest generation who relies primarily on the instant digital solutions.

As for me, a member of the Millennial Generation, I have roots in the tangible, but also respect and appreciate the instant digital solutions available in today’s markets.

Having said this, there is one area that is lacking in this respect—I have yet to find a location where I can purchase the physical and digital versions of literature. I have an outstanding collection of books, and I have ZERO intention of switching over to Digital completely. I do however, wish that I could start obtaining future purchases in both forms. I love reading physical books when I am home and in my comfort zone, but I’d like to be able to take my reading with me as well. Enter my Kindle reading device. While traveling, I could continue directly where I left off. Uninterrupted.

Could we come to a solution where this option starts becoming available? For example, if a trade paperback is normally $7.99, could we now purchase it for $12.99 to include a digital code/version available for redemption on the mainstream (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.) digital collections? I would invest in such a purchase.

I assure you, I’m not the only one.

Hoping for a change in publishing future,

Victoria Hilt

Avid Literary Consumer