Missing People on the back of Milk Cartons

There are times when I sincerely miss certain people from my life. I often wonder how our conversation would go if we ran into each other. I imagine all of the things I could share with them about the journey that I have been on and how its changed my life and my perspective. I imagine all of the things they have to tell me about their lives what they’re doing, the people in their life, and the way that they spend their free time. Do they have children? Are they married? What is their job? Do they go to school? Do they have nieces and nephews? Where do they live? Have they traveled? Sometimes I’m saddened by these thoughts because I realize that for some of those people that once held dear spots in my life they won’t be able to see the person I’ve become. And then I wonder, am I really missing those people, missing those specific individuals? Are they missing, like people missing on the back of a milk carton? Or am I missing the place in my life that they used to be holding?


Will this bring me Joy in 2 months?

Tomorrow will be 01.07.2016.

7 days into the new year- I’ve managed to feel pretty good about 1 action a day. I figure I’m ahead even if it was something simple. Like taking out the trash.

I’ve also gone food shopping and hit up the local store for a resupply of Lisa’s pants. The girl is all legs.

Both times we were in the store,  shopping together, and each item we looked at we asked ourselves-

“Will this still bring me Joy in 2 months?”

I have to admit, 95% of the things we looked at were a very confident “No.”

My 4 year old daughter is beginning to understand the concept and adapting far easier than I am. We are a team though, and as such, we teach each other.

So I began looking around the house, and instead of looking at items with a question of usage, need, or sentiment attachment, I am now seeking to keep only the items that bring me true joy.

What brings you joy, and will it last 2 months or longer?