Cooking Dinner and Focusing my Mind. Ten links in 10 mins.

  1. What IF You let Love All the Way In (Om-Times Magazine)4142015 LoveIn
  2. The Kitsap County Great Give #KCRGREATGIVE

  3. Kitsap Community Resources
    Don’t want to read? Watch the Video below…
    Why Give to Kitsap Community Resources?
  4. I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of Shallow Living.  Anais Nin (Om-Times Magazine)04142015 AnaisNin
  5. How a Vitamin Cured My Anxiety Elisa Black (The Advertiser) #MTHFR #VITAMINB12 #VITAMINB9 #FOLINICACID
  6. Save Our Water
  7. Management of Water Resources for Drought Conditions
  8. Ten Questions to Ask Your Kids at the Dinner Table Debra Vaughn (Seattle’s Child)
  9. The 30-Day Walking Challenge Leslie Sansone (MyFitnessPal) #myfitnesspal
  10. Debunking ‘Earlier is Better’ Academic Instructions vs. Intellectual Instruction for Young Children Valerie Strauss (The Washington Post)
  11. Rep. Jesse Young (R- Gig Harbor) Wants to Use [Unavailable] Aircraft Carriers to build a Toll Bridge between Port Orchard & Gorst Requiring a $90,000 feasibility Study [From Highway Budget recently Passed in House] (Kitsap Sun)

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