What I found in my 15 mins of browsing time…

  1. The View From 3 Feet (Take 1:46 out of your day for this video)
  1. Children Hear Everything You Say, and they Mimic everything you do. Give them a good example. -Fighters Against Child Abuse

    04102015 ChildrenHearMimic

  2. Photos: Mom Photographs messy fearless daughters to show “strong is the new pretty”
  1. Tiny Bainbridge Nonprofit gets 1.5 million grant (Local news)
“Climate change is a significant threat to coastal communities. I’m proud Kitsap County is leading the way in trying to find solutions to ocean acidification, which is one of the key impacts of climate change in our region. The Puget Sound Restoration Fund, based on Bainbridge Island, was awarded a $1.5 million grant to investigate how seaweed cultivation can be used to lessen the acidity of water in the Puget Sound. We are lucky that our region is home to innovative researchers and thinkers looking to make a real impact on the changes in ocean chemistry that endanger our livelihoods.” –Derek Kilmer

  1. Superbug Potion from the 9th Century
  1. Do what you can to help people but have the wisdom to accept your limits. –Bryant McGill (Simple Reminders)

    04102015 HelpPeople AcceptLimits

  1. Killer Legs, No Gear Required

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