Vaccines & Immunizations – Clarifying Arguments

Today I discovered that I don’t always know my own beliefs or truths as completely or succinctly as I would like to. I had trouble articulating what my truths concerning vaccines and the immunization “hot-topic” arguments actually were. I did some research and I present to you two images.
One from the CDC directly:


And one from


Where do you get your information on immunizations from?
How did you decide on if you were going to get vaccines for yourself and children?
Is this something we should have a choice on or should the government be allowed to decide when and what we do with our bodies and the bodies of our children (medically speaking)?
If we should be given a choice in this scenario, how is it any different from having the choice to procreate? (Yes I’m talking about Pro-choice vs. Pro-life.)
I’m posting this in hopes I receive feedback amd explanations of thought processes.
Help me understand your views.
Help me learn the arguments on this issue and help me share what there is to learn.

More information (albeit some are someone’s personal experience) for your informed opinion:
Cafe Mom Post: My 9 month Olds battle with Measeles

Growing Up Unvaccinated

Living Whole: God Does Not Support Vaccines

New York Times – Nicholas Kristoff

Puritan Anti-Vaxxers


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