In the Interest of the Pursuit in Learning to Speak…

IMG_20140429_091434My name is Victoria. I am a single-mother to my daughter Lisa.

I am a firm believer in life-long education and progression and find myself in a unique position where I am experiencing “education” in many forms and on many levels.

Each of us has a unique and powerful story to share, even when we are unaware the story exists. Up till this point in my own journey, I have discovered that I have a few key passions I am focusing my time, energy and resources on:

  • Parenthood & Associated Child-Development
  • Overall Well-Being of Children and Families
  • Law and Policy
  • Advocating

My hope in the creation of this space is to share with interested individuals the experiences, information, and resources I have encountered on the twists and turns of my journey.

I welcome anyone interested in dialogue and consider this a safe place for individuals to comment or inquire on the posts you will see. This, however, needs to remain a place of discussion and encouragement and not a place of conflict and agitation.

Some general disclaimers:

  1. The views represented here are solely my own and do not represent any affiliated organization, my family, or general conventional wisdom.
  2. Anything written here is my own and may not be reused without the expressed consent of myself for clearly specified reasons.
  3. Any images shared are also my own unless clearly specified and may not be reused or reproduced in any form without the expressed consent of myself.


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